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Member Privacy

1. Our management services, personal ID information received from members and provide registration information (the "Personal Information") on a, shall be used only for the following purposes, members will agree that this Masu. In addition, statistical data and information processed form does not contain personally identifiable personal information.

(1) Implementation Services (2) and after-sales support inquiries (3) conducting surveys, statistical data on the project to create and sell products based on a questionnaire and (4) e-mail to news and candidate campaigns Information Delivery (5) and sending gifts and prizes
(6) to the extent necessary in developing the use of (7) determined by analysis of information management for members who abuse our services our services (8) In addition to the above, the agreement will operate separately from the Service ID subscribers If you get

2. Operate our services, your personal information, except in cases falling under any of the following Disclosed to third parties, and shall not be provided.
(1) If you need to be followed in order to fulfill legal obligations subscription service (2) The court, prosecutors, police, bar associations, other groups of individuals or their organizations in accordance with consumer centers, law, various When asked to provide disclosure pursuant to (3) Management Service, If there are reasonable grounds, such as are deemed necessary for the protection of honor or trust or other laws and regulations of public members (4) business cooperation partner organizations help companies and business operations for the purpose specified in paragraph If you require disclosure to the parent company or person (5) concerning abuse against members of the Service Agreement, If you disclose information under the discretion of the matters specified in the Service Management Agreement (delete ※)
(6) Otherwise, if individual consent from the Service Member

3. Management Our services are kept under reasonable control system that is causing the loss or leakage of personal information destroyed unauthorized access modification, and shall endeavor to ensure safety. In addition, personal information management needs time to determine the Service, and shall be saved.

4. Member, in accordance with procedures prescribed separately operate our services, self-disclosure of personal information, you can request a correction and suspension of use, our service operations, and shall respond promptly.

5. This privacy policy is provided, ZIPHILIA apply after the commencement of this service.


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